The meaning of life is in it's immediacy.

I was with my wife the other day, and suddenly I heard this spoken inside my head. I have stopped wondering about life and it's meanings for quite a long time now. But a recent development has been secretly trying to make me wonder again.

I remember watching my life run past in a blink preceeding to this monumental statement. And I was reminded of the conclusion Camus made in his “Sisyphus and Other Essays” – Let's exhaust the limits of possibility, before pondering over what lies beyond life.

I think that it is very appropriate. I have always believed that life exist in more than one planes of reality. One smart undergraduate from Princeton had originally argued this way back in 60's. I can't recall his name though.

We are all stuck to one plane, like a house fly in jaggery. And, hard though we try, we can never climb atop the hill that bars our view of other worlds.

Interestingly, I have been having this strange realization about the meaning of death. I have been increasingly 'understaning' this phenemenon as more like 'going to sleep'. When I would die, I would move into a state of sleep, and dream. And somehow (and this is something which we would never understand) I end up in someone's womb. I keep dreaming and suddenly I am blinded by the bright light of this world, and the cold touch of the air on my warm, wet body.

And I wake up, and forget the dream. As I do even now. I just know that I AM despite the new name, and the new faces that are smiling around me. Sounds crazy though, but I can't prove it until my day comes.