Yesterday read about a guy who was convicted of raping a 22 year old nurse. He just didnt rape her, he had gouged her right eye with his fingers when she resisted. After doing so, he dragged her into the bathroom and finished what he had started.

I sometimes imagine that an animal streak could still be found in our genes. In some the streak is faded, and in some they are prominent. I have seen videos of cheetahs and lions preying on a deer kids; some animals even kill their own kids for dinner (Prairies of North America). And in another documentary, I saw an african tribe killing their own pet dog and having its meat for lunch. Some human tribes are/were cannibals.

These images are uncannily similar.

But everytime we are informed of such an event in human society, some of us are mortified. They seem to be ill informed about this fact that humans are no better; that this exalted state of being that we shower on us humans is just a narcissistic act.

Whatever be the case, such acts cannot be pardoned, and should be treated mercilessly. Although I realize that there is a greater torment than awarding a death penalty. And that is the torment of Conscience. This man, Bhura, was sentenced to serve a life time in prison. Another man, last year, Dhritiman Chatterjee, was hanged. For the same crime. If I have a say, I would rather hang every man for such a crime. But then, on careful analysis, I would rather consider a life time imprisonment to let him die a slow tormenting death.

Death penalties are debatable. Citizens may demand for a death penalty to set an example for others. But the funny part is, when passion comes blazing down, the examples fade away, and one gets involved in frenzy of the moment. And later, when the passion dies, one is bound to wonder whether it was worth the deed.

But one may question the possibility of a man repenting his act. That is something that no law and order would ever find out. In the darkness of one's mind, who knows what goes on.

I would rather have a man put to long, endless agonizing hours than put him immediate death.