Yes, I was speaking of people – authors, artists, actors, singers, musicians, painters, sculptors and many more – who are compelled to speak out, write, create, produce, open the windows to their souls and let the world peek in.

The key is this – Sensitivity. Thoughts and feeling must sprout words, nourish them, boil them over on and on for months and years. And when they cannot be contained any more, they burst forth on the scene as a senseless mess or with a sublime effect. I know a great art when I see one. I know a great story when I hear one. It should and must touch, in a wordless nameless way something that is at the core of your existence. It should shake you and make you weep silently. Yes, even extreme happiness can make you weep. It should give words and life to all your unspoken emotions. It should stand up for you and proclaim for all your silent years that you have lived and wasted. It should tell you that all is not wasted; that in a way, your thoughts and emotions would remain etched in stone for the world to see.

That is the power of a great work of art; the power of a great story.

It is personal, direct, and moving.