Have you ever felt like shutting away the noise of your own mind? Have you ever felt like being alone, all alone, floating on the face of ocean, with only an oar and some dried fish, away from people, away from the land? The sound of this water splashing against the sides of the boat – does this disturb your contemplation? Is it not an enough noise to thread you to this world of humans?

What do you wonder about? Do you see this sun setting down slowly, scrawling bloody streaks across the sky? Do you see how this ocean sparkles, wearing a million emeralds? Or perhaps, you must be staring at this millions of pixels that make up the words that I write. Yes, even this is a marvel.


Why do you keep looking out? There is nothing here, these endless stretch of green waters, that is all. What, do you feel this tug, too? Yes. I had felt it long, long ago. It had me thinking that there is so much sadness in these moments we live. It had filled my eyes with tears. Strange, the same salt, that runs in our blood oozes out with these tears that we shed.

We have an ocean within. An ocean of life that splashes against the walls of our mortal existence and disturbs our dreamy walk.

Now, where are we sailing to, my friend? I am here, and now. Don’t wish to sail any more. The noise that once drove me mad has subsided. The voices remain, though, whispering. I love them, these voices that speak inside my head. They are like a million me. All arising and speaking forth their wishes, oh so passionate they are.

But they melt away into the fabric of my own mind. Leaving behind a signature. The signature that you see, my friend.

The signature that I am.

Tell me, how do you like this scrawl? This me? Etched by these voices, these thoughts, on the fabric of life, through the woods of time?

Do tell me, my friend, how do you like this strange mural that is me… ????

// 21st Aug, 2002