human body on fire
flowers weep

and the tears run dry, etching salt grooves
Like the long lost path
trudged by a sailor
in search of Ocean…

and as alone he searches
through his veins
his yearning heart pumps
the thick brine of ocean…..

he is thirsty and the air
for, human body burns
and the heat is terrible …

its long since he began looking
for the breezes and
the gulls’ cry and
sound of surfs beating on the sand ….

the path ahead
turns like a serpent – guiding n
beckoning, and he
walks on ….

the ocean luring him
with the promise of freedom;
but for the unwary
it harbors great risk.

on the shore he pauses
afraid of the totality of this surrender
behind him the fires of fear are blazing
he turns teary eyed toward the ocean
wades through the beckoning waves
tears dissolving he dives deep
dancing waves rise and fall
there is only the ocean
only the ocean

The ocean tastes as salty as blood,
Life depends on both.
And soon, the river of his life
will rejoin the ocean…

quenching his thirst …
melting his weary being …
and he
becomes the Ocean ….
and Ocean becomes him …

//4th March 02