I will need to take away the moral/judgmental attitude to life and people around me. There are life situations and there are life stories. Stories are how mind interprets situations and therefore is a perceptive layer over the situations. This process of interpretation affects judgement and prevents the right action. There are only life situations, and to deal with a situation you will need to take appropriate actions.

That is all there is to solving problems: Problems, as a word is again an interpretation. There are just situations. When I look out at life, what do I see now? I see certain situations that I wish were not present. But do I have any ability to wish them away? No. So all I need to do is to take a hard look at these situations and decide how I should deal with them. This does not include sitting on my ass and whining all the day – that is not an option, because whining about a situation does not affect the situation in any way. Whining is an action, but in no way has a causal affect on the situation on hand. So the correct (not ‘right’) approach is to take an action that affects the situation. If you have a punching bag hanging, you have to punch the bag to move it. Staring at the bag, which qualifies to be an action, would not move the bag.

So the there are actions, and then there are correct actions for the situations on hand. Select the most appropriate action for the situation on hand and affect it to your desired state. This is how one must live one’s life. Action and action alone is what we have the right to do. Life will present situations – always. Be that be a happy situation, in which case we have nothing to do but enjoy that situation. When the situation in unhappy, which is most of the time, we must focus on taking the correct action: (1) Remove yourself from the situation by moving away from it. (2) Try to change the situation by taking the correct action (3) Accept the situation.

For instance, I was driving a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu sedan for last 4 years. Though it was a brand new car, I was not happy driving it. So this was a situation. I had a car, and I didn’t like driving it. Simple. So I could have removed myself from the situation – how? By selling my car, and travel by public transport. I could try to affect the situation itself – how? By selling the car and buying new one. I could have simply accepted the situation – without judgement as a part of my life. After suffering for considerable period of time, I decided to AFFECT the situation by taking the correct action: Sell the car and buy a new one, a better one.

So this illustrates the fact that taking correct action to affect the situation on hand is the best approach. That does not guarantee that the situation will be affected to my satisfaction. What if my car had depreciated so much that I were still in negative equity, and I were not willing to shell out more cash to buy a new car? So you see taking the correct action (trying to sell the car) may not always guarantee satisfactory situational changes. What should you do then? Continue to take correct actions. Taking incorrect ones, such as being sad and whine, will only lead to more sadness and suffering. In such cases, complete acceptance of the situation without judgement and reservation is the CORRECT action. So you could lie low, accept the situation, live in it, learn from it and continue taking correct actions, until one such action will change the situation.

Situations will change. They must change. That is the nature of this world. But, if you fail to take correct action, always, then your suffering will never cease. Situations come and go, but mind will continue to suffer because all its actions do not have any causal affect on the situations.

Being wise is to follow this living. Do what you must, but be aware of their impact on the immediate situation on hand.