Really? Ask yourself this? The internet is replete with do-this, do-that steps that hopes and promises to solve this long standing issue, and of course other related issues world wide.

Or, is it just about Indians killed by terrorists?

However way you look at it – at the core – it is just this: A group of humans killing some others, as a means of achieving their ideology. Come to think of it: What better way to make a statement than murder? In our world, in our sentient minds, WE are the center of the universe. Shake that thing, and you have a statement made.

Killing is the ultimate thing; killing is the last thing; an act of desperation. Animals do it to eliminate their hunger. Men do it to achieve something. That’s just because life is so sacred, so mythical, so weird, so complex, so enigmatic that men never found a way to tame it. So insulting life remains the only choice left for mankind. And killing is such an act of insult to that life, men are so powerless to tame.

Its the same act as rape. Beauty can be so oppressive, so untouchable that men feel helpless when faced with one. They know, deep down in their guts, that they can never surmount it. They can never hunt it down – so they rape it, and feel vindicated. Any woman who was ever raped, that deep down she remains untouched – all what the rapist did was to scratch the face he thought beautiful.

Its true – think about it.

So, the question is: Can we ever cure men (and by men, I mean humanity, not just males) of their raping tendencies? Can we ever eliminate this inclination to insult life? Can we grow more tolerant of the fact that life will always be beyond our reach? That we can never enslave it?

The thing is, terrorism is not a singular event; it is a larger manifestation of something that we witness on a daily basis – tendency of mind to call things its own; to consider everything that it owns as the most precious; to hoard; to collect; to stand out of the crowd – look at me, I am the best!!

We are like Gollum, greedy as ever 🙂

And, Gollum could not be cured. Those who have crossed over, let them go. Save the ones who are on this side of insanity. Treat your kids with respect. Treat your citizens with respect.

And above all, treat yourself with respect… If you do so, you will never kill a life again.