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Hands, originally uploaded by -clicking-.

Amazing photograph of humanity at its best. Doesn’t it tug at your heart and feel loved by these hands?


Path to Wise Living

I will need to take away the moral/judgmental attitude to life and people around me. There are life situations and there are life stories. Stories are how mind interprets situations and therefore is a perceptive layer over the situations. This process of interpretation affects judgement and prevents the right action. There are only life situations, and to deal with a situation you will need to take appropriate actions.

That is all there is to solving problems: Problems, as a word is again an interpretation. There are just situations. When I look out at life, what do I see now? I see certain situations that I wish were not present. But do I have any ability to wish them away? No. So all I need to do is to take a hard look at these situations and decide how I should deal with them. This does not include sitting on my ass and whining all the day – that is not an option, because whining about a situation does not affect the situation in any way. Whining is an action, but in no way has a causal affect on the situation on hand. So the correct (not ‘right’) approach is to take an action that affects the situation. If you have a punching bag hanging, you have to punch the bag to move it. Staring at the bag, which qualifies to be an action, would not move the bag.

So the there are actions, and then there are correct actions for the situations on hand. Select the most appropriate action for the situation on hand and affect it to your desired state. This is how one must live one’s life. Action and action alone is what we have the right to do. Life will present situations – always. Be that be a happy situation, in which case we have nothing to do but enjoy that situation. When the situation in unhappy, which is most of the time, we must focus on taking the correct action: (1) Remove yourself from the situation by moving away from it. (2) Try to change the situation by taking the correct action (3) Accept the situation.

For instance, I was driving a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu sedan for last 4 years. Though it was a brand new car, I was not happy driving it. So this was a situation. I had a car, and I didn’t like driving it. Simple. So I could have removed myself from the situation – how? By selling my car, and travel by public transport. I could try to affect the situation itself – how? By selling the car and buying new one. I could have simply accepted the situation – without judgement as a part of my life. After suffering for considerable period of time, I decided to AFFECT the situation by taking the correct action: Sell the car and buy a new one, a better one.

So this illustrates the fact that taking correct action to affect the situation on hand is the best approach. That does not guarantee that the situation will be affected to my satisfaction. What if my car had depreciated so much that I were still in negative equity, and I were not willing to shell out more cash to buy a new car? So you see taking the correct action (trying to sell the car) may not always guarantee satisfactory situational changes. What should you do then? Continue to take correct actions. Taking incorrect ones, such as being sad and whine, will only lead to more sadness and suffering. In such cases, complete acceptance of the situation without judgement and reservation is the CORRECT action. So you could lie low, accept the situation, live in it, learn from it and continue taking correct actions, until one such action will change the situation.

Situations will change. They must change. That is the nature of this world. But, if you fail to take correct action, always, then your suffering will never cease. Situations come and go, but mind will continue to suffer because all its actions do not have any causal affect on the situations.

Being wise is to follow this living. Do what you must, but be aware of their impact on the immediate situation on hand.

The World in 2010

The World in 2010, originally uploaded by CuriousBystander.

The world in 2010 is going to be exciting. A beginning of a new decade filled with hopes and promises. Unlimited space for creativity and reflection on human greed.

I made this image yesterday to express the transition to the future. My brand new Kindle 2 – a gift from my beloved wife. The magazine in the back is the Annual Issue of ‘The Economist’ reflecting on how the current year will be.

Its a juxtaposition of the ‘now’ and ‘what will be’.

The Dramatic Need…

Every character must have a dramatic need. The need is the drive that makes the character undertake a journey. Without this need, there is no story, there is no life. There is always a need that drives us. In fiction, as in real life, there is always a need, a burning desire that drives and defines our journey. A story is as interesting as the need. There are approximately 6.7 Billion people on this planet. Meaning that there are around 6.7 Billion stories. How many of these are of any interest to us? May be all, as every story is unique. But then like any other things in life, there are some that are riveting; that grabs you by ears and makes you sit up and listen. That shakes you and leaves you speechless. Silent.

Why? What do they tell? What is it that moves us more?

In order for us to understand that, we must delve deep into human psyche. In there lies the seed for all great stories. And in there lies the secret of writing one. I have observed many human beings close enough. I have made opinions and passed judgments. I have hated them, and I have loved them. But if you look too close, you will notice that when all is said and done, what remains is this strange constant sense of unrest. Every human activity arises from this unrest. Our creativity arises from this unrest. Our desires arise from this core. Our wishes and needs, everything that we see around is the outcome of this unrest.

But expressing this unrest in a form is impossible. A brilliant story expresses this unrest in the character in a manner which becomes synonym to our own. The character then becomes our spokesman. The character gives voice and life to our own stories. And illustrates the fact that it is OK to have this unrest. It is OK to have a need. It is OK to be human. Art is non-judgmental. It only illustrates. What you make of that illustration is your personal opinion. Watching Joe Buck leave his job, and leaving for New York City to live a life of a “kept” man could shock someone. It could also seem foolish, hillarious, insane, frivolous.

In short, not a life well spent. But then, getting into the skin of Joe Buck, you will realize that THAT is his need; his desire and purpose of life. He does not laugh at himself, or is shocked at his apparently (a possible judgment) immoral, perverted goal. He is dead serious. He says, “What the hell have I got to sit around here for?” He leaves his job and begins to pursue his goal. What follows next could be seen as a commentary on someone’s life, but that will be taking a narrow view of it. A story such as this only expresses one of the 6.7 billion hopes and dreams. It only invites you to become a mate in the journey of one man who had some dream and how he deals with it.

That is life. And by writing stories such as this, we only attempt to play the God. Not a moral one. Not an immoral one. Just the one expressing our own innate realization of life.

July Rain

Clouds that overcast
the face of this river, are they
not the river,
in essence?

touched, once, by the warmth of
the sun, they had broken the fetters, and
risen – to fly, to float, to spread across
the azured sky.

And, now pregnant
with joy, and tired of wandering, they
gather to fall, to rest, and, to flow
quietly with the river of their becoming.

//2nd Sept 2002

What does it wonder ’bout – this river,
When it touches the salty morasses of
Its own grave? knowing well that the end
is imminent, could it stop
from embracing the ocean, that seem thirsty,
ever so?

does any fear ever arise, while it faces
the vast expanse of this
limitless graveyard? The calmness of its flow carries
no signature of the impending death. Offering
the silt of ages to the times-to-come, it flows quietly
into a world beyond.

(for Theron Bradford – I met on Yahoo! boards, dying of liver cancer)

//Date Unknown

Have you ever felt like shutting away the noise of your own mind? Have you ever felt like being alone, all alone, floating on the face of ocean, with only an oar and some dried fish, away from people, away from the land? The sound of this water splashing against the sides of the boat – does this disturb your contemplation? Is it not an enough noise to thread you to this world of humans?

What do you wonder about? Do you see this sun setting down slowly, scrawling bloody streaks across the sky? Do you see how this ocean sparkles, wearing a million emeralds? Or perhaps, you must be staring at this millions of pixels that make up the words that I write. Yes, even this is a marvel.


Why do you keep looking out? There is nothing here, these endless stretch of green waters, that is all. What, do you feel this tug, too? Yes. I had felt it long, long ago. It had me thinking that there is so much sadness in these moments we live. It had filled my eyes with tears. Strange, the same salt, that runs in our blood oozes out with these tears that we shed.

We have an ocean within. An ocean of life that splashes against the walls of our mortal existence and disturbs our dreamy walk.

Now, where are we sailing to, my friend? I am here, and now. Don’t wish to sail any more. The noise that once drove me mad has subsided. The voices remain, though, whispering. I love them, these voices that speak inside my head. They are like a million me. All arising and speaking forth their wishes, oh so passionate they are.

But they melt away into the fabric of my own mind. Leaving behind a signature. The signature that you see, my friend.

The signature that I am.

Tell me, how do you like this scrawl? This me? Etched by these voices, these thoughts, on the fabric of life, through the woods of time?

Do tell me, my friend, how do you like this strange mural that is me… ????

// 21st Aug, 2002

What does it wonder ’bout – this river,
When it touches the salty morasses of
Its own grave? knowing well that the end
is imminent, could it stop
from embracing the ocean, that seem thirsty,
ever so?

does any fear ever arise, while it faces
the vast expanse of this
limitless graveyard? The calmness of its flow carries
no signature of the impending death. Offering
the silt of ages to the times-to-come, it flows quietly
into a world beyond.

(for Theron Bradford – I met on Yahoo! boards, dying of liver cancer)

//Date Unknown

Certain moments remain
poised – forever,
like the drop of water, after the rain,
at the tip of the leaf blade: waiting to fall.

Certain faces cut
the cobwebs of time, and
peek at me, from these hazy woods.

And, I
keep staring at this drop of water,
why does it hesitate.. to let go?

Sometimes, I
find myself talking
to the faces. They remain
silent, returning my words like echoes in a long, empty corridor..

I wonder why ..??

They are dead, perhaps, these faces. And it is their ghosts
that I see, walking idly,
along the long, empty lanes of
my memory

//Date Unknown

Little stones
smooth and polished, lie
on the bed, staring out of this
clear, cool water. Somewhere, a bird calls out,
piercing the silence like a needle through the ears.

Rustles of dried leaves,
disturbed by the soft breeze through the woods
along the banks, whisper some song – unknown
to me. A fruit drops into the water: plopp,

Pack of trouts swim
in, curious. And afraid. Wide eyed,
and hesitant
they began investigating the flesh
of my legs.

And, quietly, flows the river.

//Date Unknown